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Waffle Linen Towel With Hanging Loop

Waffle Linen Towel With Hanging Loop

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Just take a moment to imagine how light and soft waffle towel envelopes you after bath or shower. For this bath towel we chose fabric which contains both linen and cotton to provide even more comfort for your skin. These extra soft and gentle linen – cotton towels are very smooth and pleasant to sensitive and baby skin. It ages beautifully, gaining both strength and character with every use. 
These linen towels are easy to wash and only get softer with time. We also recommend to prewash it before first use.


• Waffle towel with hanging loop consist of 51 % of flax and 49 % of cotton – this is the reason why they are not so rough, very cozy and softer than pure linen towels;
• Our linen towels are breathable and easily absorbs moisture and perspiration;
• They are lightweight and compact - perfect for packing when traveling or packing for a sauna or gym;
• They are stronger and dry faster than pure cotton. Great for holidays when you or your kids are in and out of the water;


Bath Towel 140 x 85 cm / 55X33 ''
Hand Towel 90 x 55 cm / 36X21 ''
Guest towel 50 x 30 cm /19X11 ''

Buying linen products means you by items that are durable and long lasting, what enables and encourages you to consume more sustainably.

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