Caring for your linen pieces is as cozy and uncomplicated as the fabric itself.

Here are some simple advices from us to keep your linen in perfect condition as long as possible:

Gentle Washing: When it's time to refresh your linen, opt for a gentle cycle in the
washing machine. Use cold or lukewarm water to maintain the fabric's integrity. Feel free to use a mild, eco-friendly detergent. Keep in mind that after first wash linen towel may shrink by about 7%.

Natural Drying: Linen loves the natural touch. Air drying your linen items outside is ideal, giving them that lovely, sun-kissed scent. If using a dryer, keep it on low heat to prevent any shrinkage.

Ironing with Care: Embrace the wrinkles! Linen is all about its relaxed charm.
However, if you prefer a crisper look, iron while the linen is slightly damp, using
medium heat.

Storage: Store your linen in a cozy, dry place. Avoid using plastic bags; instead, opt for breathable cloth storage bags to protect your linens.

Love the Wrinkles: Linen's natural beauty includes a bit of wrinkle. Don't fret over
perfectly smooth linen; those gentle creases are part of its charm.

With these tender care instructions, your linen will continue to offer you comfort
and elegance for years to come.